About The Housing Workgroup

In October 2014, the Housing Workgroup was created as a subcommittee of the Coordinating Board and charged with developing an action plan that assesses housing needs among people experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County, gaps in meeting those needs given current system resources, and opportunities for innovation in financing, constructing, or otherwise producing affordable housing options that could reduce the gap by a minimum of 10% by June 30, 2015, and by a minimum of 50% by June 30, 2017. The action plan includes policy and funding recommendations from the workgroup’s analysis of the need and what it would take to build a system to begin to address that need.

The AHFE Action Plan Workgroups were reconvened in October 2015, as part of the Coordinating Board's outcome-based budgeting process to prioritize investment priorities from the AHFE Action Plan strategies for the next fiscal year. The Housing workgroup presented their prioritized funding recommendations to the Coordinating Board in November 2015, which informed the recommendations presented to and accepted by the Executive Committee in December 2015.

Going forward, the Housing Workgroup will work on developing and implementing system policy recommendations related to housing placement and retention, and shaping budget requests.


Meetings convene on the second Thursday of every month and are held from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Please check the calendar for upcoming meeting locations.


There is currently no formal membership. Participation ranges from 20-30, representing providers and agencies, government departments, service users, and other community members.


Please visit the following links to view our past meeting minutes and agendas.


Housing Workgroup agenda - April 12, 2018

Housing Workgroup minutes - April 12, 2018

mar. 8, 2018 Housing WORKGROUP MEETING

Housing Workgroup agenda - March 8, 2018

Housing Workgroup minutes - March 8, 2018

feb. 8, 2018 Housing WORKGROUP MEETING

Housing Workgroup agenda - February 8, 2018

Housing Workgroup minutes - February 8, 2018