Coordinating Board members honored during Multnomah County's 2018 Volunteer Awards ceremony

Six volunteer members of our Coordinating Board were honored during this week's ceremony for Multnomah County, Oregon's 2018 Volunteer Awards!

Sally Erickson and Rhea Graves from the Joint Office of Homeless Services presented the honors Tuesday, June 26. Here are there comments:

Alexandra Appleton: "It has been an honor to work with you on the Equity Committee. Your fearlessness and tireless dedication to social justice inspires me and everyone that knows you. You’re a powerful speaker and willing to lend your voice to represent those who are marginalized in our community. Our Coordinating Board and A Home for Everyone would not be the same without you. Thank you."

Kevin Fitts: "Thank you for your courageous compassion. You bring a wealth of experience on mental health and addictions, as well as health and social policy at the state and federal level. You remind us all of the importance of effective health policy and challenge us all to be bold... and ask for mental health supports that the most vulnerable people in our community truly need. Thank you.”

Maurice Evans: "I am eternally grateful for your mentorship and your limitless commitment to the A Home for Everyone Equity Committee and Coordinating Board. Your passionate advocacy, your never-ending compassion, and your overall realness is a breath of fresh air. I appreciate you. Thank you for sticking with us."

Susan Madar: “For years we have known you as a calm but forceful advocate for seniors and people with disabilities. You have sat through countless meetings, listening, questioning, and recommending change. You’ve brought that same steadfast commitment to representing the most vulnerable people in our community to the Coordinating Board, and we could not be more grateful for your contributions to this work.”

Art Rios Sr.: "You have long been an outspoken advocate for people experiencing homelessness. Back in 2008, you were one of the leaders of the Homeless Liberation Front, a group of homeless people who camped outside of City Hall for weeks, asking the Mayor and City Council to suspend the city’s sit-lie and camping ordinances until homeless people could find housing. You have advocated for change, while also trying to work within systems working on homelessness and poverty. Our office is grateful for your active participation on the Coordinating Board as well as several ongoing and ad-hoc work groups."

Michael Thurman: “Every month you build a critical bridge for the Coordinating Board to the experiences of low-income people living with HIV/AIDS. You were a founding member of the Ryan White Council, and your knowledge and experience is invaluable, as is your tireless advocacy for housing stability for very low-income people living with chronic illnesses. Thank you for bringing your commitment to a more just and equitable community to the Coordinating Board.”