Multnomah County and City of Portland to open 24-hour shelter in Hansen Building

Later this month, Multnomah County and the City of Portland’s Joint Office of Homeless Services, working alongside Transition Projects, Inc., will open a 24-hour shelter in Multnomah County’s Hansen Building, formerly the location of the Sheriff’s Office.

On Wednesday, July 6, Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury, alongside Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton, Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman, Transition Projects Executive Director George Devendorf and Director of the Joint Office of Homeless Services Marc Jolin, announced plans for the newest shelter, which will accommodate approximately 200 people experiencing homelessness. This is a significant development necessary to meet the county and city’s goal of providing 650 new shelter beds by the end of the year, Chair Kafoury said. Read the full story here.

Multnomah County, City of Portland approve joint office to combat homelessness

 The Interim Director of the Joint Office of Homeless Services, Marc Jolin (right), presented at Thursday's board meeting with Multnomah County's Chief Operating Officer, Marissa Madrigal, and the City of Portland's Shannon Callahan.

The Interim Director of the Joint Office of Homeless Services, Marc Jolin (right), presented at Thursday's board meeting with Multnomah County's Chief Operating Officer, Marissa Madrigal, and the City of Portland's Shannon Callahan.

A more nimble and streamlined service delivery system will debut next week to assist people experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County.

The Multnomah County Board of County Commissioners on Thursday approved an Intergovernmental Agreement between the county and the City of Portland establishing the Joint Office of Homeless Services, a central office to oversee the delivery of services to people in need.

The office, which opens July 1, represents a historic step forward in the effort to solve the homelessness crisis in Multnomah County and Portland. Click here for the full story.

Request for Information: Homeless Shelter Properties, Improvements and Providers

We are seeking responses from individuals, organizations and firms that are interested in providing information regarding properties that may be suitable for use as shelter for people experiencing homelessness, are interested in providing professional and construction services needed to improve properties for use as shelter and/or are interested in operating shelter(s) for people experiencing homelessness. By "shelter" we mean safe, sanitary, warm, lawful and appropriately managed overnight sleeping accommodations that are intended for limited duration stays.

Release Date: June 17, 2016
Closing Date: July 18, 2016
RFI #: 4000004977
Contact: Christy Tran, Multnomah County Central Purchasing, (503) 988-7997

Click here to find out more information, register for the solicitation updates, and download the Request for Information (RFI) document.

McLoughlin Resource Center for Homeless Women & Couples Opening Fall 2016

 Read: Frequently Asked Questions

Read: Frequently Asked Questions

The McLoughlin Resource Center, located in Southeast Portland, is a shelter and service center built to serve approximately 120 people experiencing homelessness. It will open in the fall of 2016. The program is an intentional, strategic component of A Home for Everyone — a community-wide effort to house homeless Multnomah County citizens. Scroll down to learn more about the McLoughlin Resource Center.

17 Waiting Lists Opening at 12 Different Home Forward Subsidized Communities

Home Forward announced from June 8, through June 11, 2016 they will be accepting applications for 17 of their lists at 12 different communities from June 8 through June 11, 2016. Applications will be accepted online, using any internet-connected device. The application can be accessed by visiting Home Forward’s website, during the application period. The application period runs from 8:30 am on Wednesday, June 8 through 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 11. Paper applications will be offered for special circumstances. For details, please read the Subsidized Apartment Housing Waiting List Opening Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding paper applications.

Home Forward’s Subsidized Apartment Housing Waiting List Opening FAQ provides more information such as what lists are opening, application guidelines and process, eligibility requirements, what information is needed to complete the application, the process once the application period has ended, and other important information about the waiting list opening.

Portland Affordability in Comparison

Portland Affordability in Comparison

Josh Lehner, a senior economist with the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, presented new research that compares the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the country at the Multifamily NW Spring 2016 Apartment Report Breakfast on April 26, 2016. The work covers how cities face tradeoffs between economic strength, quality of life and housing affordability. A city can achieve success on two, but not all three dimensions at the same time. This represents what Josh Lehner calls the Housing Trilemma.

To read more about each of the three housing measures Josh Lehner used in the new research to help put Portland’s housing affordability in perspective, click here.

Evidence Matters: Leveraging the Health-Housing Nexus

The latest HUD publication, Evidence Matters, discusses the many connections between housing and health proven by research as well as how federal policy is aligning programs and funding in both areas to improve health outcomes. The article, Leveraging the Health-Housing Nexus, highlights that various housing aspects affect health in multiple ways, and that targeted interventions at the nexus of health and housing can improve health outcomes while reducing long-term healthcare expenditures. The article concludes that investment in stable, affordable, healthy housing in safe neighborhoods is important to improving the health for residents of all types.

Funding for eight affordable housing projects awarded

The Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) has awarded approximately $47 million dollars for affordable housing projects, the largest funding award in PHB history. The $47 million, made up of local and federal funding, will be given to eight proposed affordable housing projects. The selected projects include six new developments and two renovation projects, which come as a result of the bureau’s 2015 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). The NOFA included five sites owned by PHB, Multnomah County, and the Portland Development Commission (PDC). In addition to the publicly owned sites made available for affordable housing projects, the NOFA drew from a broad variety of resources, including City and County General Fund, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) from six of the city’s urban renewal areas, and federal HOME and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, as well as 100 project-based rent assistance vouchers from Home Forward. 

PHB expects these eight projects to create 585 new units of affordable housing, as well as preserve 255 units through renovation projects. The eight proposals were selected based on financing considerations, alignment with current housing initiatives, including the priorities of A Home for Everyone initiative, and how each proposed to serve priority populations. The selected projects are from REACH, Home Forward, Central City Concern, Meta Housing Corporation, and Bridge Housing Corporation. For more information on the individual projects, please visit the Housing Bureau’s 2015 NOFA Award Announcement page.