Read: "A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan"

Read: "A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan"


The Executive Committee adopted A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan to End Homelessness, and five strategic action plans covering: Housing, Health, Employment, Veterans, and Safety off the Streets (shelter and emergency services). The Plan identifies priority populations, best practices, and high level objectives.

Six Key Focus Areas to Prevent and End Homelessness

  1. Housing

  2. Income & Benefits

  3. Health

  4. Survival & Emergency Services

  5. Access to Services

  6. Systems Coordination


Read: AHFE Overview

Read: AHFE Overview

Action Plans

The Action Plans, drafted with broad community input and after a thorough review of service and cost data, identify the specific numeric targets, policies, and financial investments that would likely be needed to achieve a fifty percent reduction in street and shelter homelessness over a three year period.

All "A Home For Everyone" action plans can be individually downloaded here: