No one should be homeless; everyone needs a safe, stable place to call home.


Prioritize the most vulnerable -- Promote racial and ethnic justice -- Hold the programs we fund accountable and use data to make decisions -- Engage and involve the community --Strengthen system capacity and increase leveraging opportunities

Read: "A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan"

Read: "A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan"


The Executive Committee adopted A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan to End Homelessness, and five strategic action plans covering: Housing, Health, Employment, Veterans, and Safety off the Streets (shelter and emergency services). The Plan identifies priority populations, best practices, and high level objectives.

Six Key Focus Areas to Prevent and End Homelessness:

Read: AHFE Overview

Read: AHFE Overview

  1. Housing 

  2. Income & Benefits

  3. Health

  4. Survival & Emergency Services

  5. Access to Services

  6. Systems Coordination

Action Plans

The Action Plans, drafted with broad community input and after a thorough review of service and cost data, identify the specific numeric targets, policies, and financial investments that would likely be needed to achieve a fifty percent reduction in street and shelter homelessness over a three year period.

All "A Home For Everyone" action plans can be individually downloaded here: