Dec. 8, 2017

Letter sent to neighbors with invitation to community meeting.

DEC. 14

FAQ sent to community members on basics of shelter operations and plans for managing impacts on surrounding businesses and neighbors.

Dec. 18

Large community meeting.

Jan. 4, 2018

Transition Projects meets with Foster-Powell neighbors.

Jan. 9

Officials from Mayor Ted Wheeler's Office, Chair Deborah Kafoury's Office, Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson's office and the Joint Office of Homeless Services, among others, meet with the Foster Area Business Association board.

Jan. 22

Officials from Mayor Ted Wheeler's Office, Chair Deborah Kafoury's Office, Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson's office and the Joint Office of Homeless Services, among others, to meet with Creston-Kenilworth neighbors.

Jan. 25

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners will meet to discuss formally signing the lease for 6144 SE Foster Road.


Meetings with impacted neighbors, including Mt. Scott Learning Center.

Feb. 22

First steering committee meeting of stakeholders, including direct neighbors, to help tailor shelter programming and lead a conversation on public safety and infrastructure impacts.

March 15

Second steering committee meeting scheduled.


Follow-up large public forum on shelter plans. The forum will include a programming update, feedback from the steering committee, more architectural plans and a more-detailed development timeline.


Steering committee members meet regularly to continue their work.

Fall 2018

Early outreach to people experiencing homelessness in area to reserve priority space.

Shelter opens.


OUR plan for Public engagement 

neighborhood meetings and a steering committee

On Dec. 8, 2017, officials from Multnomah County, the City of Portland, the Joint Office of Homeless Services and Transition Projects invited community members from four neighborhood associations -- Mt. Scott-Arleta, Creston-Kenilworth, Brentwood-Darlington and Foster-Powell -- along with immediate neighbors and the Foster Area Business Association to a public meeting  on our plans for a shelter for homeless adults at 6144 SE Foster Road.

Officials convened that meeting to proactively hear concerns -- and begin working with neighbors to address them -- months before the shelter will open, in fall 2018.

Hundreds of people turned out for that meeting, held Dec. 18, 2017, at the Service Employees International Union hall very close to the shelter site. As most neighbors know, more people turned out than the hall, with a capacity of 150 people, could accommodate safely. And many neighbors had to submit comment cards or follow online social media streams of the meeting.

That's why we remain committed to holding another large public forum. 

And that's why we've been meeting in smaller settings with neighborhood and business leaders. We're also actively scheduling one-on-one meetings with directly impacted neighbors and have begun meeting with a steering committee of stakeholders to help us shape shelter programming while also emphasizing overall public safety and infrastructure developments in the area.

Anyone with questions should email


We've invited neighborhood and business leaders, and direct neighbors, to meet regularly with Transition Projects staffers and city and county officials to help tailor the shelter to the neighborhood surrounding it.

To learn more about the committee, including its members, and to see a calendar with links to agendas and meeting minutes and other documents, visit our "Steering Committee Resources" page.

That work will include the following:

  • How to shape shelter programming
  • How people are served by the shelter
  • The structure for ongoing and responsive communication between the shelter provider and neighborhood stakeholders
  • How shelter residents are integrated into the community
  • How to activate volunteer networks